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Anita Avalos

How to Ditch Your Diet and Tune Into Body Wisdom


Holy Moly!

In just a few hours, I’ll be getting ready to do something I’ve always wanted to do but has scared the pants off me.

Luckily, my Michael just took control of the situation and didn’t give me a back out option.

Later today, we’ll be flying high over Venice and Marina del Rey Beach here in LA as we go parasailing for the first time ever. I’m equally excited and scared at the same time!

I don’t have a fear of heights, but I do have a fear of dangling over the ocean.

Still, I think it’s going to be awesome and I’ll be so stoked that I did it, for sure. I’m a big believer in stirring things up and pushing past your comfort zone and fears, so this should help me work on this area for sure.

Pics and details to come!

And speaking of pushing past your comfort zone and fears, if you’ve ever tried to say adios to dieting after years of relying on it to “know” what to eat, you might be filled with a sense of freedom and terror all at the same time. (Much like my parasailing adventure).

So many of my clients and readers tell me that they fear really letting go of dieting because they don’t trust themselves with food.

They’re afraid that left to their own devices they’ll just eat everything and anything, they won’t know what foods are best for them, and they’ll gain a ton of weight.

And I get it!

I was scared as all get out when I started to let go of dieting. If I didn’t have my calorie counter, points counter, or some book glued to my side at all times telling me what to eat, how they heck would I know what to do?

I needed to lose weight…certainly I couldn’t be the final decision maker on what worked for me….

…or could I?

In today’s second episode of “Q &A with Double A”, I answer a question from a reader who is struggling with this same situation.

If you’ve ever gone through this or are still feeling this way, I’m giving you 3 key ways to move from fear to knowing so you can kiss the diet goodbye.

Yes, really.

Now, I want to add just a couple of notes to this post and this video:

1) This is just the beginning of how you can start to access body wisdom and move away from fearing food. As always, these are multi-layered questions and multi-layered answers…today’s video is a great start.

If you want more insight into this area, check out this post I did awhile back on food fears and also take advantage of the free video training, “Find Your Body Freedom”, which you can gain access to in the upper right hand corner of this page.

It’s awesome, yo!

2) In my third tip, I just want to be UBER clear. Never walk around with shame about a food you ate..that sense of shame is going to be far worse for you than the food ever will be.

AND when I talk about “eating whatever you want”, what I want you to learn is how to separate the calling of that little voice inside of you that maybe has always self-soothed with less-than-nourishing food and the one inside of you that calls for the best, high quality, yummy nourishment you can get.

Sometimes, eating the “not so healthy” food is the most nourishing choice to make, like when it’s the holidays and you can only get Aunt Patty’s pecan pie but once a year…but we can talk about that more in an upcoming post. This is a juicy, juicy topic.

And as always, I want to hear from you. In the comments, let me know if you have ever struggled with this.

Did you let go of the diet and what happened? Or, do you still feel stuck here and want more support?

Let me know!

And wish me luck today!!

Sending you lots of love,

P.S. Want one-on-one support on how to ditch your diet, transform your relationship to your body and to food, and create the body and life you desire? Contact me and let’s set your Find Your Body Freedom Discovery session. I’m here to help!

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