Anita Avalos

How to Workout and Move Your Body In Ways That Ignite Your Sensuality, Joy, and Inner Badass

aa-workout-300What if I told you there is a way for you to workout & move your body… and actually enjoy it?

If you think the only way to get results is, “No pain, no gain”, think again!

They key to creating a body you love isn’t through pushing through another hour on the treadmill or following a workout that is (and makes your feel) insane.

The secret sauce is the total opposite…It’s Joyful Movement

Time for a Little Exercise Myth Busting…

How many times have you heard these two toxic exercise beliefs?

  • In order to see results, you need to exercise constantly. More is better.
  • Unless it’s really hard, it doesn’t “count”.

Both of these are totally false…

And they are keeping you stuck not just around your weight, but also in how you feel about your body (read negative body image).

The truth is that when it comes to “working out” many women are actually overexerting themselves, causing adrenal burn out and putting themselves in constant stress-response in the process.

This is actually the perfect formula to gain weight and lose muscle…the very opposite of what most of us are trying to achieve.

And more importantly, doing workouts you hate just makes you feel unhappy. It stomps out the fire of your joy, spirit, and makes working up a sweat a chore rather than a pleasurable thing you get to do for yourself.

Discover key ways to love your body AND release weight

Want to create lasting shifts in your body, life, confidence, and feel a new sense of freedom?

You can do this by making a commitment to Joyful Movement. This simply means moving your body in ways that feel pleasurable, fun, sensual, challenging, and light you up.

Here are a few ideas to get you started on your road to finding your own ways of moving right into more Joy! You’ll never see your sweat sessions the same.

The Fun and Freedom of the Daily Dance Break

Clients always tell me that their favorite way to move is by dancing! Don’t worry if there’s not a dance class close to you or you happen to be short on time. I’ll share with you the magic of taking a 5-minute daily dance break and what it can do for you.

Break-free from “Chronic Cardio”, have more fun, AND see better results using this tool

If you’ve been feeling chained to the treadmill or doing long runs you simply hate thinking this is the only way to get in shape, think again. I’ll share with you one of my favorite strategies to yield bigger gains in less time and make you feel like a kid again.

Have Heels, Will Dance

Most “workouts’ are built around a very masculine approach- formulaic, pushing oneself, and measuring success by external gains only.

But what about a woman’s desire to move her body sensually, feel feminine, and radiate inner and outer confidence?

Check out this post where I share more about this and how tapping into your “Inner Tina Turner” can create inner and outer confidence one step at a time.

Just for Fun- My Big Stage Dance Breaks!

Just a handful of years ago, I was the kind of woman who put her life and desires on hold, waiting for the “perfect” time or the “perfect” weight to go for it.

Until I realized that was total B.S.

Life begins where dieting, self-hate, and self-imposed limitations END.

May these videos HERE and HERE inspire you to literally move into the freest, happiest, more authentic version of yourself.

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