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Anita Avalos

6 Easy, Fun Ways to Feel Instantly More Free in Your Body


It’s here!

Your day to take a holiday from any form of body jail!

Those thoughts of “My _____ are/is so fat!”

Or, “I need to go on a diet.”

Or, “My body has failed me.”

Or, “I’m so fat…to hell with it…I’m just going to eat whatever I want.”

Of not giving yourself the love you know you deserve and putting your health & happiness on the back burner

Of picking yourself apart or putting your life on hold until you are the “perfect” weight or have the “perfect” body…or have/are the perfect ANYTHING!

(I know zero perfect people. Really. If you’ve met one, please email me straight away!)

Today is our 2nd Annual Body Freedom Day and it’s time to CELEBRATE what you GOT and be amazing to YOU!

You aren’t going to make me celebrate alone, are you?

If I’m the only one loving myself today and getting a little dance party on in my living room then it’s going to be one sad little party.

So to help you get in the Body Freedom Day spirit, here are 6 easy, fun Ways to start your celebration off right and embrace the freedom you deserve!

1) Stand in the mirror and find at least one thing you totally adore about yourself. Yes, really. I don’t care what it is, but find at least one thing you can own as truly beautiful. As you might know, one thing leads to another, so if you find more than one, AWESOME! There is no limit here, but everything starts at one. :)

2) Prepare yourself something beautiful, delicious, and nourishing to eat…without any kind of counting whatsoever. You deserve it. A free body is a healthy, nourished one. Love your body up with foods that will make her (or him) feel FREE! And when you eat foods that are nourishing, you really don’t have to count anything…seriously. Now that’s freeing for sure!

3) Move your body in a way that feels fun and pleasurable. I don’t care if you run, skip, saunter, yoga it up, or dance it out. Just move what you got from a place of pure pleasure and gratitude for what your body does for you. Dare to enjoy your body UNAPOLOGETICALLY and RIGHT NOW!

4) Join me tonight at 5:00 pm PST/ 8:00 EST for our FREE Body Freedom Day Call, “Leaving Body Shame Behind…And Embracing Your Authentic Sensuality”
(juicy, huh?!)

If you aren’t on my email list yet and want to get in on the call, go HERE to get access to the call info. I’d love to have YOU!

I promise you it’s going to be eye-opening, freeing, and a safe space to share you questions and insights too!

5) Allow Madonna to lead you. I’m a sucker for soundtracks and theme songs…. so I’m choosing “Holiday” by Madonna to be one of ours.

I can’t think of a better song to really get you even in the freedom kinda mode than this jam!

Click on Madonna’s lovely dance moves and get into the Holiday spirit!

6) Invite a friend in on Body Freedom Day 2013 and celebrate each other!
Everything is better with a good friend by your side. Who can you forward this email to that can be your Body Freedom partner and crime with you?

I’m sure you have someone close to you that could use a boost today. Shower each other with some love and celebrate taking a break from the usual self-hate talk and toast to your new found freedom. Champagne or Kombucha will do nicely.

I hope this helps to get you going and enjoying this special day!

Please feel free to leave your insights below in the comments and on the call tonight.

I’m sending you so much love…now go get your groove on!


P.S. There’s still time to enroll in the Unraveling Shame Telecourse I’m leading with my amazing colleague Sarah Reed!

Click HERE to get in on the goods and keep your body freedom going strong!

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