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Anita Avalos


Your Body is your One True Home. Why not love where you live?

Stick around and I’ll show you how to:

  • Release weight & body hate without struggle, deprivation, or workouts you hate.
  • Use sensuality, pleasure, & joy to transform your relationship to your body & food.
  • Love your body deeply & create a whole new way of connecting to Her.

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Hello, My Dear!!

And Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Well….I’ve been wanting to make today’s video for a LONG time now…

Because for so many years and with so many clients, I hear time and time again women believing that their weight is holding them back from finding love, attracting love, and/or keeping things hot with their partner.

Is this you?
Have you been thinking that love hasn’t arrived because of the number on the scale? Or that your attractiveness is contingent on your body’s shape?

Then you MUST watch today’s video!
I’m sharing the truth from my own dating life and boyfriends past…you won’t want to miss this journey down memory lane!

The last thing I want to say about this topic is this:
Do you really want a man who would only love you if you fit into a narrow perspective of beauty?
A man who is that superficial?

I think not!!

Whatever your body journey and transformation is, make sure you are doing it for YOU, for your own health and well-being. Don’t let the false belief that love only comes to those who are of a certain shape or size be the reason why you go on this journey. I promise you, the more you love on you and your shape/body at every and any size, the more attractive you will be!

I love you so much!!!
Let me know your thoughts!


Dear One,

Before I get into cravings, I just want to remind ALL my LA Ladies that our first “The Well Workshop for Women” of 2017 is THIS SUNDAY from 5-7 pm in Mar Vista, CA.

If you’ve been feeling especially inspired to take action in your life, to support other women and social causes that matter to you, and want to join a collective group of women who want to do the same, I’m telling you, YOU need to be here…especially since we will be talking about your 2017 Soul Goals. You can learn more and register by going HERE.

Ok, let’s talk cravings…even for the healthy treats you love….

Are you doomed to never enjoy chocolate again?
Do you feel like even those Paleo treats keep you wanting more?

Believe me, I feel you!

But hang on…I’ve got some good news.

Now, when it comes to cravings, there are many different factors that are involved (emotions, stress, sleep, hormones, the quality of the food, etc.) but for today, I just want to offer one simple tip, one that has made a world of difference for me and my private clients.

Once I paid attention to this (and how it connected with certain foods in particular) , it allowed me to be a more empowered eater and learn how to set myself up for both success and pleasure with food.

Check out the videp and let me know what you think!
I think this could really help you. :)

With love,



Dear One,

Before I get into this whole “Revenge Body” discussion, I just want to remind all my Los Angeles ladies that our first “The Well” workshop of the year will be on January 29th, where we will be visiting the power of our decisions and how to reach your Soul Goals (without ever resolving to do one more soul-sucking diet again!)

Click HERE to learn more and register at the early-bird rate!

Ok, I hope you’re still with me because this is important…it effects all of us (women, men, and the girls we want to grow up with as much confidence as possible).

Recently, I read an article on Hellogiggles.com that discussed the new reality show “Revenge Body” starring Khloe Kardashian.

As the name would suggest, it’s all about how, with the help of Khloe and her team of trainers, stylists, etc., women can take their bodies to the “next level” as a way to get revenge post-heartbreak. As you may or may not know, Khloe is seemingly the “perfect” host because she herself claimed a “revenge body” after her divorce (losing weight, changing her hair, etc.)

To be honest, I didn’t even know this show was in the works but it doesn’t surprise me. It plays on an old(and FALSE!) belief that looking good is the best revenge and that a woman’s best chance at power lies in her ability to up-level her beauty.

That’s why I was so thankful for the thoughtful discussion this article and Katie Wilcox (creator of “Healthy is the New Skinny” and “Natural Models LA”) brought to the matter and how we keep looking for an outside shift to create happiness, health, love, you name it!

And it got me thinking about my own horrific breakup in 2014, of the pain that resulted from a broken engagement and the love of my life abruptly moving out and back to NYC.

During that time, my body definitely did some shape-shifting.
There was an incredible amount of stress in my life and yes, I was working out a good amount, trying to channel my energy into something positive for myself, but no more than the usual.

In some ways, the initial few months of my breakup are an emotional blur.
But here’s what I can I tell you for sure…

In no way was I focused on getting a “revenge body”. (Think about that term for just a moment…let it sink in.) That wasn’t anywhere near the top of what I wanted.

What I wanted most was to reclaim my life.

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Happy New Year, Dear One!

Are you getting settled into the new year and ready to make 2017 as amazing as possible?
Except for me still fighting off a cold that won’t quit, I am READY!

I haven’t spoke to you in quite some time so I’ll give a super brief catch up…

The highly short version is….I went back to Italy in November and stayed for a month.

Took 2 weeks of an Italian language course.
Made new friends and brilliant connections.
My mother joined me for the last 2 weeks and we had an incredible adventure together that I will treasure for a lifetime.

And I got to show her my love, the beautiful city of Lucca in Tuscany, and it began to feel like a second home.

Which was the whole reason for my return.

When I left and came back home to LA in October, I felt like something was incomplete about that trip.
I had the aching feeling that I was supposed to go back, specifically to the town of Lucca, that it wasn’t just an accident that I met my now friend Eri the last two days I had been there and she told me about the Italian school she was attending.

I tried to brush it off as post-traveling blues, but I couldn’t shake it.

I debated in my head and heart for weeks…until one night, I decided.
And the decision was I was going to go back.
I was going to take the class and from there, things began to line up.
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