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Anita Avalos


Your Body is your One True Home. Why not love where you live?

Stick around and I’ll show you how to:

  • Release weight & body hate without struggle, deprivation, or workouts you hate.
  • Use sensuality, pleasure, & joy to transform your relationship to your body & food.
  • Love your body deeply & create a whole new way of connecting to Her.

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“Questions provide the key to unlocking our unlimited potential. Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.” -Tony Robbins

Last Friday, I woke up with a sinking feeling in my chest.

A twinge of sadness and a slightly unreasonable feeling that I was missing the 2018 boat. Perhaps it was a bit dramatic being that it was just the end of the 2nd week of the year, but I had this horrible feeling that I (already!) wasn’t making enough headway towards my goals.

But just as I was about to go head first into my anxiety, the words “ask better questions” popped into my head.

Many years ago, I had heard that phrase from Tony Robbins and, time and time again, it has been incredibly helpful in moving me forward when I have felt stuck.

Why are better questions so powerful?

Think about it…when we feel stuck, negative, or defeated in any area of our lives, we often ask ourselves counter-productive questions that keep us focusing on what isn’t working as opposed to what is working, how we can use our current situation to move us forward towards our desired outcome, and how we can improve our environment to support our vision.

For example, that negative self-talk might have us asking ourselves problem-focused questions like, “Why is this happening to me again? Why do I always screw things up? When are things going to change?”

Asking better questions, such as “How is my current situation preparing me for my next big step? What or who can I ask to support me towards my goals?”, shifts us towards a solution and looking for the silver-lining in our situation.

Better questions= a more productive use of our time and energy…and PROGRESS!

And so, in that spirit, I got still, quieted my mind, and before I knew it, 2 really good, transformative questions filled the space that just moments before my anxiety was inhabiting.

In fact, these two questions provided such a powerful shift for me, I put them on a post-it so that I make a point to ask myself them every single day.

Ready to have your shift?

I filmed this short video minutes after these two questions came to mind. Here’s hoping they will get you back into forward motion!

So tell me, how did answering these two questions shift your day and what you are focusing on?
How might focusing on asking better questions keep you moving towards your goals?

As always, I’m sending you all my love and my best wishes for an amazing 2018!!


The saying goes, “you can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need.”

And though I often agree with this, I’ve also seen time and time again that when we don’t get what we want, we often reach for the closest thing to fill its space.

In the world of Eating Psychology, we call this reaching for a Symbolic Substitute.
Simply put, it’s the thing we reach for in place of the thing we really want, need, and often believe is unavailable to us.

The thing is, it makes total sense…yet can often keep us from what we truly desire.

Understanding how Symbolic Substitutes work can help us create greater peace and pleasure with food and our bodies.

In today’s video, I give you a deeper understanding of Symbolic Substitutes, the connection they have with food and dieting, and what you can do to get what you REALLY want and need.

I would love to know your thoughts. In the comments below, let me know how Symbolic Substitutes have effected you and what you can do now with these new insights.

With love,


Dear One,

If you are in the U.S., I hope you had a very Happy 4th of July.

(Don’t forget our Body Freedom Beach Day on 7/9..see end of this post for that!)

It’s that time of year when the theme of Freedom is top of the mind for us.

And while that typically is about feeling free and being free in our home country, I also tend to relate it to feeling free in our Body Home.

To me, there is no more important place to cultivate a sense of freedom than in one’s own skin, in one’s self.

Because when we feel free within ourselves, we get to experience life fully. We get to experience the unique, amazing wonder that it is to have a body and every beautiful sensation that comes with that. We feel connected to our spirit, to our soul and with that, we feel the drive to give our gifts to the world. We shine our light, our love, out and onto those who come into our world. Life is richer when we can enjoy the body we are privileged to have.


In order to cultivate that freedom, we must be willing to let go the things that keep us in chains.

And one of the things that has been top of my mind lately, one of the things that keeps our Body Freedom at bay, is the way in which we as a society feel entitled to discuss each other’s bodies, especially when it comes to one’s weight.

How many times have you experienced someone commenting on your weight when they see you, either that you’ve gained or lost weight?

How many times have you experienced the comment “you look great” followed by a comment about your weight or the question “have you lost weight”? (Which really means we equate “looking great” with “losing weight”.)

How many times have people asked you about what you are eating or what kind of exercise regimen are you on because of your appearance? Or have you also experienced someone suggesting a diet you should follow to lose weight?

I can tell you that I’ve experienced all of the above.

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Dear One,

Can we talk about exercise and workouts for just one moment in a “keeping it real” kinda way?
I thought so….that’s why I love ya! :)

For years, I ran for exercise …5k’s, charity events, treadmills,up and down my neighborhood, along the beach, around the track …and even did a marathon.


I hated running.

Took me a long time to get clear about that and admit it, but it was/is the truth.

I did it because I thought that’s what you had to do to lose weight.

Or get in shape.

Or be fit….

Or be worthy…because weight and worth were deeply intertwined for me.

And you know what?

Running didn’t give me any of those things…not weight loss or worth or happiness in my body.

The truth was I was already worthy of everything I thought thinness would give me or being “fit” could provide.

And I learned that I could release weight and gain health without torturing my body with an activity I hated doing.

This is not a bash on running…it’s a bash on doing any kind of fitness that you dread but think you “have” to do. If you love running, please keep doing it!

But for me, running was the thing I dreaded but did.

Here’s the truth : the more joy you feel in your body, the more likely it is that you will keep coming back to an activity…and the more embodied you are, the more delight your body will feel. Pleasure is an incredibly powerful catalyst for health, emotional well being, and for your body to find the happy, healthy weight that works for Her.

You can feel challenged by a class or activity, but if you don’t feel joy , let.it.go! Seriously. All forms of self-torture, drop it.

As soon as a way of moving feels like a chore instead of a privilege, be willing to try something new that makes your body say “yes”. You can not get a body you love by torturing and hating the body you have. You fall in love with your body by treating Her right and moving Her in ways that she loves.

Bodies and what bodies need change…be willing to be flexible in your approach. For now, I only run when chased, in a hurry, and maybe for a small sprint …no more miles to log in a week! And
I can’t tell you how happy me and my body are because of that!

Is there a way of moving you need to let go….or add in…to create more Body Joy and Body Freedom? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Italy Updates!

I am in full planning mode for our upcoming retreat to Tuscany this September, The Pleasure Path Retreat.

In fact, I’m heading back there next week to get things in order and share videos of this magical place!

If you haven’t checked out all the details for this week long adventure, please go here now!

The most incredible week awaits you…
Take a sneak peak with me…let’s take a look into what it could be like for you…

Can you imagine yourself waking up in the Tuscan hillside…

A lovely detox juice awaits you as you look outside your window to see nothing but green, lush landscapes and incredible scenery.

After a relaxed start to your morning, you go to your daily class/movement adventure focused on….pleasure. That’s right…no bootcamp or sacrificing your joy…

You’ll dive deep into how Pleasure and JOY can transform every aspect of your life…
(Isn’t that a fun way to invoke change??)

Your day continues with tons of laughter, bonding, lazy time at the pool and/or
going on excursions to the breathtaking coastline of the Cinque Terre…
riding your bike along the walled, historic city of Lucca…
eating the best cheese and wine at a place you walk to, no car needed..
rejuvenating yourself in healing, thermal waters…

Each day, you savor the most incredible, authentic, locally-sourced, cuisine..and change the way you think about food and your body by experiencing the Italian way of enjoying both!

This ain’t no boring Italy tour….you’ll live like a local and have your self-development unfold in the most delightful way.

Early bird discount ends this week!!! So if you want in, this is the time.

Click HERE to learn more.

Questions or concerns? Email me by hitting REPLY and I will happily answer them!!

All my love,