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Anita Avalos


Your Body is your One True Home. Why not love where you live?

Stick around and I’ll show you how to:

  • Release weight & body hate without struggle, deprivation, or workouts you hate.
  • Use sensuality, pleasure, & joy to transform your relationship to your body & food.
  • Love your body deeply & create a whole new way of connecting to Her.

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image1Per my promise to you, I am beginning to hold a monthly, donation-based workshop/class on the last Wednesday of every month right here in LA.

I am so excited about this and I hope you are too!

It’s been my dream to create a sense of community amongst women, to give support and guidance in different avenues, and create a space where women can support each other on their paths to living their most optimal lives.

And to me, there’s nothing quite like a group of like-minded women joining together LIVE to make that happen. As women, we are born communicators and connecters. We love sharing our best tips, we gain strength in sharing our struggles,and blossom when we come out of isolation.

I kept waiting for the perfect place, the perfect time, the perfect way to get it going but you know what…I’m done waiting! Women are always reaching out to me for help on all sorts of body-food-soul dilemmas… it’s time I start serving them and YOU.

So it’s starting this month. Boom.

From nutrition to fitness, to navigating body image and our relationship to food, to getting real about love and relationships, these monthly workshops will allow you to explore it all so you can truly make 2015 your best year yet.
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There’s something I’ve been avoiding doing…something I love dearly and yet, it’s been like pulling teeth to do it.

It’s this…it’s sitting down to write to you.Creating for you.

I want to share a little bit as to why, not only as a way to explain my absence, but also because I think my struggle could really help shine insight into your own life, especially at the beginning of a new year.

Recently, right before a much needed family vacation cruise, I started thinking a lot about my business, my coaching practice, and how much I had been “showing up” for it, especially over the last 6 months of the year.

When I took an honest look, the answer was “not that much.”

A handful of clients here, 2 blog posts there, a few workshops and video content I put together for outside sources, but compared to my usual steelo, I hadn’t really been putting much of myself out there or serving my community the way I really love to.

Sure I was exploring other aspects of myself via acting, but mostly I was just trying to keep myself together. As you probably know from a previous post a few months ago, my summer wedding never happened, my fiancé and I split up, and he moved back to NYC. To say I was devastated and heartbroken would be an understatement.

So really the only thing I could commit to after he left was keeping my head above water and doing whatever it took to bring back joy to my life. Very little room to give to anyone else but me.

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I am writing to you on what has quickly become my favorite day of the week…Monday.

Say what? The day that most people hate?

Yep, you read that correctly.

Mondays have become my “Me Day”. For the past few months, my weekends have been jammed packed, mainly because every Saturday and Sunday night I am on stage, acting in not one but 2 plays! (The Vagina Monologues and Dark Side of the Moon).

Yes, acting has become a passion I have revisited since my big life transition this summer and it has filled my soul and life up in a major way. (More on that later!)

So once Monday rolls around, I am in major need of a chance to regroup and spend some time doing little things I love and resting. After putting so much energy out in my performances and the days before them, I really value my Mondays.

They are sacred to me, to my spirit.

And with all the major life changes I have been shifting through since the spring, I can attest to the fact that setting aside time to tend to your spirit and soul-level needs is not a want…it is indeed a need.

That’s how you stay thriving.

Which brings me to YOU…

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I’ve been a bit absent, but for good reason. To be totally vulnerable and honest, I have been going through one of the most difficult yet biggest growing experiences of my life.

Gut wrenching, heartbreaking and heart opening, all at once.

The short story is that my relationship of close to 6 years with my fiancé, my partner in business and life, my best friend, and the man I loved dearly has ended.

It took me some time to share any of this with my readers, but I think I might finally be ready and my hope is that it will help you in some way, shape, or fashion. After all, I have been open in sharing a lot of my personal life in both my work and my writing, from my engagement to my mom’s traumatic brain injury.

Therefore, it feels right that I share this news as well.

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Well, my dear….I haven’t made it to Oprah’s OWN Network just yet…


I DID make it on to Time Warner Cable ☺.

I am so excited to share with you my TV debut on an episode of “Get Fit.”

As part of my mission to spread the good news of how to have a loving, compassionate, and nourishing relationship with body and food to as many people as possible, I am particularly thrilled to get the message out in this format.

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