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Anita Avalos


Your Body is your One True Home. Why not love where you live?

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  • Release weight & body hate without struggle, deprivation, or workouts you hate.
  • Use sensuality, pleasure, & joy to transform your relationship to your body & food.
  • Love your body deeply & create a whole new way of connecting to Her.

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Dear One…

Today I’m sharing something big that I’ve been keeping from you…
But the time is ripe to reveal it.

You see, one special day this July, I made a big decision that in my bones I believe will change everything for me and within me.

In today’s video, I’m sharing what finally prompted me to do this and more importantly, how my own questioning and bold decision might just speak to you, to your soul, to the callings you have deep within.

There will be plenty more to come around this, but for today, please let me know what you know in your BONES you must start moving towards. What has been sitting on the shelf for days, months, years that must be explored in your own life?

I love hearing from you.

May courage, love, and awakenings follow you in your journey.

All my love always,


How often should I eat??

Lately, many of my clients have been asking me this simple (yet in many ways complex) question:
“How often should I eat?”

They have become entirely confused by the conflicting messages out there in the health industry:
– eat every 3 hours
– make sure to intermittent fast
– eat 3 square meals a day

…just to name a few.

Today, I’m giving you my number one answer and if you can begin to follow this, you will be taking a big step towards developing lasting body wisdom and body confidence.

In the comments below, let me know how this resonated with you. Do you follow a very regimented plan regarding meal frequency? Do you find it difficult or simple to follow your body’s cues for hunger?

And if you liked this video/post, don’t be shy!! Share it with your friends or on social media!
Let’s help to empower one another around greater body wisdom and self-trust.

Lots of love,



To all my Wild Women…I celebrate you!

In each passing year, I learn in a deeper way the power of the feminine, a power we have been taught to feel shameful of or see as less important. To see that there is power in patience, in intuition and instincts, in vulnerability, in emotions, in softness, in wildness.

Such beauty!

Doing things “like a woman” , “like a girl”, is an incredible gift to the world…do not shy away from or dismiss this gift as “less than”. The masculine has its perfect place in the world, but so do the wild, wisdom-filled ways of the feminine. Take pride in your instinctual ways. Love, create, feel, move through the world “like a woman”…and delight in that.

The world needs your touch, the masculine craves to be kissed by your feminine soul.

Woman, you are the gift we have been waiting for. Do not waste your time, mind, soul, energy, or beauty doubting your enoughness. We crave to see you delight in yourself and shine. ❤️



It wasn’t the right color.
I knew it once it hit the walls.

I tried to really hard to convince myself that I liked it, that it could work.
It was a nice color after all and could look amazing in another room, but it wasn’t my vision for this room.

I mean, I have really been planning out every detail of my bedroom redecoration, aka Project Sexy Juju. (Good name, right? :) )

But here I was with a whole gallon of paint and one wall painted…too late and in too deep to pull the plug. I couldn’t turn back and jump ship. I was in this.

I did everything I could think of to make it work.
I painted some more, hoping it would begin to look different.
I put on the lights to see if it looked any better.
I painted a second coat.
But my eyes kept seeing lavender and a hint of blue coming through.

My touch of grey was more like a touch of purple.
I needed another set of eyes.
Maybe I had this wrong.

So I asked a friend to take a look. I knew she didn’t want to disappoint me, but she agreed that yes, it did indeed have a hint of lavender… the truth is the truth.

Another big sigh of disappointment…and yet, I was grateful for her honesty.

I wanted grey. The perfect light grey.
A little defeated, I finally caved in.
Paint brush and roller down.
I stopped painting.

I did what any rational human being would do….I grabbed my phone and went to Instagram.
I looked at my favorite interior designer accounts (again!) and found the perfect shade of grey.

Hello, why didn’t I do this before?
Correction…why didn’t I actually write down the name of the color and go buy that paint?
For all my planning, this was a big oversight. Lesson learned.

I thought about rolling to the paint store straight away, to get this handled.
Instead, I went to bed.

I decided a good night’s sleep was essential to a good decision and besides, I wanted to see what it looked like in the morning light. Maybe it just needed sunshine.

So in the morning, I eagerly drew open the shades. I let the sunlight run her fingers across the wall.

Still not right.

Still not what I knew I really wanted.

End of the day, I could lie to myself, keep painting, but never feel like I had a match , a match to what I knew I should feel, what I wanted my vision to look like.

Or, I could cut my losses, suck up the time and money I could never get back, and go for one I wanted.
Make myself happy.
Just start over
Think big picture.

Because wouldn’t it be better to spend a little more money and time and have to repaint only ¼ of a bedroom than to look at an entire room for the next number of years that made me a feel a continual twinge of resentment and secret longing for the room that could have been?

Yeah…I choose to go for that real grey. Reboot and repaint.

And off the paint store I go.
I deserve to do it right. I deserve to have it right.

And in the end, I was digging the life lesson here…

This whole situation was giving me a chance to observe myself, to see if I was going to go for what I wanted or if I was going to keep trying to squeeze myself into situations that weren’t the right fit, a knockoff of what would be my truest desire

Yes, I got all that from a jacked up paint color.

Bottom line: Honor what you know.


We can try to convince ourselves something works.

That we can make do with what’s being offered.
That we want too much.
That it’s not that important.
That we should just stick it out because we were the ones that choose it anyhow.
That it will look better when we have different lighting, decor, more money, a better job, a different body, etc.,etc.

But we know what we know.

And if the difference between having what we have and what we really want is a matter of cutting our losses and beginning again, I say begin again.

Cut your losses.

Admit to yourself that you know what you know.

When you know in the beginning or middle that it isn’t right, give thanks for the insight.
It’s ok! You can choose again.
You can honor that voice that says, “I thought I wanted this, but something feels off. This isn’t the right fit. I need to stop and/or I need to take another direction.”

You can even do that if you’re almost done. It’s never too late!

To that I say, hell yeah! Good on ya for listening to your spirit, your intuition, no matter how big or small the choice is.

(In fact, the more you can do it with the small things, the easier it will be when the big rocks roll around).

Pick your colors wisely. Paint your life with purpose, self-trust, and commitment to your happiness.

In the end, you’ll love yourself for it and the colors you choose will be just the right shade of YOU.

Loving you!

P.S. Fun in February…so much goodness in the works! Stay tuned..and I promise to show you the finished product of Sexy Juju!


Would you be game to do something that is super simple, will give you numerous health and emotional/mental/creative benefits, AND get you an hour of free coaching?

Then check this out…

I’m gearing up for a new #20for30Walk Movement Challenge starting August 24th.
And this is one is all about walking. If you can commit to simply walking 20 minutes a day, I’ve got something sweet for you.

Here’s the deal.

You may have noticed that lately I’ve been talking a lot about getting in a daily walk, a habit that I have re-adopted over the last 2 months.

And I gotta tell you…I’ve been loving them so much so that I just had to inspire you to get them going too.


Here’s three main reasons: (Note: The video freezes for just a couple of seconds, so hang tight!).

[click to continue…]