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Think the only way to creating a body you love and a life that rocks is through dieting, restricting, punishing workouts, negative self-talk, or putting your life on hold until you are the “perfect” weight?

Beautiful, you’ve got it all upside down!

Welcome to whole new way of relating to food, your body, and transforming your life!

As your Holistic Health, Eating Psychology, and Body-Food Relationship Coach, I’ll show you how a diet-free approach to truly transform your relationship to food, to your body, and start loving your body and life NOW!

Translation- you can kiss the diet hell goodbye and start really living! You can start tuning into your body’s unique wisdom and honor her daily. You’ll not only shift your body and weight, but you will also shift your life.

I’m not your typical Health or Nutrition Coach. My studies in Eating Psychology and behavior change mean we are going to get into some rich stuff together. We won’t just look at what you are eating and what kinda exercise you are doing…we’ll get into the heart of the matter so you can understand WHY you’ve been running in circles around food, weight, and your body image and heal those places so you can create lasting change.

No more fad diets. No more self-loathing. This is your time to shine…finally!

In fact, my secret weapon isn’t going low-carb, Paleo, Vegan, or hiring a personal trainer…

It’s Authentic Sensuality™- the unique practice of getting back into your body fully using all 6 of your senses and having a damn good time in the body you have! As my mentor Marc David says, if you want to reach your metabolic potential, you have to reach your personal potential…personal power= metabolic power.

This was KEY in my own journey and it’s been pivotal in the work I do with my clients as well. And it’s way more juicy than just talking about 10 ways to make kale.

In addition to my live talks and workshops, I offer several ways to receive private coaching from me.

Body Freedom 4-Month Private Coaching Experience

A 4 month program designed to help you break free from the diet roller-coaster, release weight effortlessly, and create an entirely new relationship with your body and with food.

This is the essential starting ground for the woman who is ready to understand exactly why she has been struggling around her body and with food for so long and how to finally break free from the diet struggle to emerge into a much more peaceful and sensual relationship with body and food….and her life.

Together, we’ll explore the Mind Body Nutrition, Eating Psychology, lifestyle and nutritional tweaks you need to make your life and metabolism perform at their best, bringing you greater joy, self-expression, and body confidence.

Results without deprivation, struggle, or dieting….YES! Create a body and life you love now…
• One 90-minute Deep Dive Session
• Eleven 50-minute Sessions
• Access to One Seasonal Reset (Ideal to pinpoint the foods that love your body back, reset adrenals, and much more.)
• One “Body Essentials” gift pack- Books/goods that are custom picked for you and your particular goals.
• 4 Emergency 15-minute calls to be used as needed

VIP Virtual and Live Days

Nothing short of life changing. By application only.

The Body Freedom Breakthrough LIVE VIP Day

There’s nothing quite like spending a full day together, live and in person, delving into your deepest desires, challenges, and creating a custom made plan to bring you into your most empowered, loving relationship with food and your body.

It’s been my experience that having time together LIVE for a full day creates exponential growth, change, and understanding that typically would take months to uncover.

Let’s spend a full, adventure filled day together celebrating you and diving deep into your biggest challenges and your custom made transformation.

Our day together will take at a beautiful, 5 star location close to the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica/Venice and will include:

• Private coaching
• Movement classes (choice of yoga, barre, or dance)
• Gourmet lunch or dinner
• Food shopping tour (if desired)
• Custom created gift box
• One 60-minute session prior to our VIP day and one 60-minute session after our VIP day.

The Body Freedom Breakthrough Virtual VIP Day

Ready for big breakthroughs in a short amount of time? Then this Virtual VIP Day is for you!

We’ll spend 4 hours together via phone or Skype:

• Unlocking your body story and the root reasons that your body-food relationship has been such a struggle
• Working through your greatest challenges around body and food
• Creating a custom-made plan to move you forward and into a whole new way of connecting to your body and food, as well as pinpointing what nutritional and lifestyle tweaks need to be made for optimal results.

In addition, you will have two 60-minute follow-up coaching calls with me to make sure all you are on your path and to answer any lingering questions.
This is a great starter package, as well as a great option for returning clients who are looking for further coaching or a deeper dive.

Are you ready to put yourself first? Curious if my coaching style is for you or what package is best for you?

Contact me today for your initial Find Your Body Fredom Discovery Session and get on the path to total body freedom today!

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