Anita Avalos

Learn How to Release Weight and Body Hate™ the Sensuous, Soulful, and Pleasure-Rich Way!

It’s About Time You Lived in True Body Freedom!

The diet struggle, constant body hate, and food jail can be a thing of the past. There IS a better way…let me show you how.

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“Since working with Anita as my coach in her detox and her Immersion program, I am now taking more time to ‘be’ with myself, be in the moment and am enjoying the experiences I am having – whether it’s preparing a meal, celebrating with my family, or exercising. I am better able to cut out those activities which do not fill my purpose and my joy. Feeling less stress has made a big difference in my own life and in the lives of those around me.

I have gained a mentor and a friend. She is authentic and speaks from a place of love in everything she does. She has been where I am on my journey, and she understands the struggles I am facing. As a coach she observes and then makes suggestions for improvement peppered with words of encouragement and belief.” Laura Da Grossa