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Anita Avalos

Italy Aftermath: Lessons in Weight-Loss, Trust, and Honoring the Body


Dear One,
As you probably know, I just made it back from my 2 week adventure in Italy, followed by a little over a week on the East Coast (NYC and Florida to be exact).

Settling back into “real life” here in Los Angeles is proving to be a challenge.

I feel like I just went through a complete transformation, that my vision of what is possible and what life could look like has been blown to bits…and I mean that in the best way possible. I am still trying to figure what to make of it all, but for now I will tell you that I am giving serious thought to possibly redesigning my life.

Beyond being a vacation, it was a soul-shaking experience that (much as I expected) has forever changed me and everything I will do from here on out, including my work in the world.
There are a million and one insights I cannot wait to share with you, to put into words as best as I can. They swirl around in my mind constantly and I want to catch them, give them life, bring them to you.

So where to start?

If I were to summarize what I learned, I could distill it down to this one word:

Trust in myself, trust in the Divine, trust in my body.

Trust that life is forever pulling for us and will lead us to the next right step; our challenge is to be brave enough to listen, to be willing to stop trying to control every single moment and every single outcome, to know that it’s all a beautiful mixture of Divine timing and thoughtful action on our part.

Trust that Life will present angels in the form of wonderful human beings who will give you messages and be messengers at just the right moment, guides along the way.

Trust that there are signs everywhere, that delays can be blessings.

Trust that all the work you’ve done and continue to do to build a loving home within yourself, within your body,
within your soul is the single most important work you can do because within doing that, you will create such comfort within yourself, you can go anywhere in the world and feel that you are on solid ground. That in turn will allow you to be filled with such a light, you will draw the warmest souls to you. And even when you are alone, you will never truly feel lonely because you are at home with yourself.

And because you know what it feels like to feel at home within yourself, you will know when you’ve connected with like souls because they will feel like home too.

My heart is beating wildly just to write these words to you.

Which is why more than I ever I believe the work we do to shift our relationship with our body and with food is precious and necessary.

Within that work, we can begin to really live a “trust-centered” life.

As I’ve said numerous times, so much of the “health-industry” and dieting culture is centered around mistrust….encouraging us to not trust our bodies, not trust our worthiness, and to run from one plan to the next, leaving so many of us increasingly more and more confused and feeling at war with our bodies and with food.

When we are living in fear and mistrust within our own body home, when we fear the very thing we need to live (food), it makes it almost impossible to really live the lives we desire and stop second guessing our every move.

And fear begets more fear, putting so many of us in a no-win cycle around food and how we connect (or disconnect) to our bodies.

Bottom-line: the more we are at home within ourselves, the more expansive our lives can get, no diet required.

(And if you followed my journey on Instagram, you know I ate/drank what I wanted, (The Pasta! The Paninis! The Gelato! The Wine! Oh my!) when I wanted…and my clothes are looser than when I left! How? I truly believe it’s because I put all the work I’ve done on my Body-Food Relationship into practice like never before.)

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing more insights that will hopefully enlighten a part of you so that you can continue to evolve your own body-food relationship and have some of the “Italy Magic” in your own life. (Including opening the doors to very special program again that will give you all the tools to do just that!)

For now, know I am grateful for you and I know everything you are doing to expand your life is leading you to the next right step.

Working through our connections with food and body isn’t the easiest work, but it certainly is worth it.

More to come…

With Love,

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