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Anita Avalos

Cravings and Timing: Why the order in which you eat different foods matters + LA Workshop THIS Sunday

Dear One,

Before I get into cravings, I just want to remind ALL my LA Ladies that our first “The Well Workshop for Women” of 2017 is THIS SUNDAY from 5-7 pm in Mar Vista, CA.

If you’ve been feeling especially inspired to take action in your life, to support other women and social causes that matter to you, and want to join a collective group of women who want to do the same, I’m telling you, YOU need to be here…especially since we will be talking about your 2017 Soul Goals. You can learn more and register by going HERE.

Ok, let’s talk cravings…even for the healthy treats you love….

Are you doomed to never enjoy chocolate again?
Do you feel like even those Paleo treats keep you wanting more?

Believe me, I feel you!

But hang on…I’ve got some good news.

Now, when it comes to cravings, there are many different factors that are involved (emotions, stress, sleep, hormones, the quality of the food, etc.) but for today, I just want to offer one simple tip, one that has made a world of difference for me and my private clients.

Once I paid attention to this (and how it connected with certain foods in particular) , it allowed me to be a more empowered eater and learn how to set myself up for both success and pleasure with food.

Check out the videp and let me know what you think!
I think this could really help you. :)

With love,

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